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A week prior to my visiting my 81 yr. old mother in Eau Claire, she had Scott Insteness of "Sunny View Window Cleaning " clean her windows. She paid him to clean both upstairs and downstairs windows ($60) and included a $15 tip in her check.

When I arrived I discovered that not a single window in the second floor had been touched. My mother (after dragging herself upstairs) confirmed this to be the case. She called Scott.

He also confirmed that he had not done ANY of the upstairs windows for a variety of reasons. He claimed he thought one window was being replaced. He claimed the windows that had been replaced and the older ones would not look much better after having been cleaned!! When I asked if he was deliberately trying to deceive my mother, he said no. We were having a party in 3 days, and the clean windows were part of the final preparations. I asked if he would come out in the next 3 days and rectify the situation. This was a Wednesday. He reluctantly agreed to come the following Friday.

When I met him at the door on Friday, he asked again what the problem was. I said, "The problem is that you charged my mom for the upstairsa windows and you didn't clean a single one." I told him that there was no way my mother could access those windows and she depended on him to clean them. He walked me to a window that he claimed he thought we were going to replace. In reality, the storm window on the inside was in the process of being painted, and the window was NOT going to be replaced. He then pointed out windows where only the upper half on the window was able to be cleaned. He told me that "Even if I did do those windows, they wouldn't look much better."

I commented that that was a terrible attitude in regards to your work. He turned around, got in his truck, and drove off. He was VERY rude, and I believe willfully deceived my mother. He should not be allowed to treat his customers in this way (especially the elderly)

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I am representing my business.This issue was resoved through the BBB with a refuned tip of $15.

I was hired to clean the outside of the windows only! The issue was over 4 upstairs storm windows.I did as stated above, as I was accused of ripping off a elderly lady, and yes I took offense. This issue could have been resoved that day had I not been so rudely accused!!! I had cleaned the outside windows one the house for 4 + years without a price increse.

In that time the inside windows were clearly never cleaned. I only receive complaints when I do half a job. My advise to all when hiring a professional is have them do a complete job! Then when things don't turn out as you thought, then you have a reason to complain!

In my 12 + years of being in business this is the first time someone has accused my of ripping them off! In this time I have thousands of satifed residential coustomers.

Most of my customers are 55 years old or older, if I was taking advantage of them or (ripping them off) I would not be in business!!Some people are never happy, thats something you just learn as a business owner.


Senora, just wanted to drop you a line on your mothers windows.My wife and I have a family run cleaning service in Eau Claire, we are fully insured, we advertise by word of mouth via our satisfied customers.

We clean several homes and commercial building including two dental offices in and around the Eau Claire area.I will offer my services to come and clean those upstairs windows at your mothers at no charge if you just give us some consideration for your next cleaning needs.Feel free to call me or email us at or call at 715/379-9732 Ben


There are a lot of window cleaning companies that are unprofessional, do not perform quality work and are unreliable.The problem is they're CHEAP and that obviously is very appealing to the consumer.

Cheaper is not always the way to go. You, as a consumer, should calculate what costs are involved with the project. Ex: Gas to and from the residence, how many windows, interior and/or exterior cleaning, if it requires ladder work, and all of the overhead that comes with it (insurance, worker's comp, employee pay, etc.) In addition, NEVER rely on an over the phone estimate. Quality companies will ALWAYS visit the job site first and then write or type up an estimate with specific details regarding the requested work to be done.

They should ALWAYS give you an invoice receipt (read carefully) upon completion of the work that you must sign. If there are mistakes made or the customer is unhappy, a professional company would come back out to the site (without any questions) and correct the issues in a timely and considerate manner at no extra cost. If at all possible, do some internet research on the window cleaning company you are interested in hiring to read reviews and other pertinent information, so you can make an informed decision.

I hope this is of help and hopefully the whole process will go smoother in the future.:?

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